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Setting time on ESXi hosts through PowerCLI | Geaux Virtual

Excellent powershell to set the correct time on a number of hosts…

I expanded the code to:

Get-Cluster -Name “Cluster” | Get-VMHost | Where-Object {

$t = Get-Date
$dst = $_ | %{ Get-View $_.ExtensionData.ConfigManager.DateTimeSystem }
$dst.UpdateDateTime((Get-Date($t.ToUniversalTime()) -format u))

via Setting time on ESXi hosts through PowerCLI | Geaux Virtual.

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EMC forum 2013 – London

All set to attend the EMC forum in London on Monday 21st October 2013.

Will be as usual seeing how much freebies, or as I call it, Vendor Swag that I can collect. :-)

I  will try to live tweet and blog as I find cool swag.

As well as rhe the swag, there are some interesting keynotes. 

Any twitter followers attended and like to meet up.  Let us know via twitter.

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