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Tag: railway

The Signalmans day.

27 October, 2012

On arriving at the signalbox on a cold misty autumn morning; to my delight, someone was already in the box with the stove already lit! Thanks Reas.

Shackerstone signalbox,  is the main box used on the preserved railway know has’ The Battlefield Line’. It is located in a cutting flanked to the east by a small spinny, in sighting distance south of the station.

Been in a cutting, traps the cold air from the night and also been shaded from the sun until late morning.  A cold, damp and a bit misty mornings awaited me. Nice!

Shackerstone Signalbox: Picture taken a bit later in the morning after the first train had departed.

After the required activities of signing in and opening the box, which includes checking for any messages left in the Train Register, and testing all signals and points for correct operation.  Only one problem to report – No7 Points repeater not functioning. Not a big issue as these set of point are located in the area know as the ‘North Sidings’ and only used for running the locomotive around the train ready to travel back down the line.  With all that complete, and the stove now getting nice and warm – time for the most important task of the day! Breakfast and Tea time!

With the stove’s fire built up and getting nice and hot for cooking, its decision time!  Bacon Batch or Bacon and Egg Batch?  Hmm….just bacon for a start!

Breakfast time! – Bacon Batch

Breakfast was so nice I decided to cook myself another one! Bacon and Egg Batch.  Been warm and feed – now set for the day!