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CDN via Azure

12 April, 2016

Well been a while from my last post.  But over the last few days been reading up on Azure CDN and wordpress.

Problems that i found that a number of the guides out there are based on the older style Azure interfaces.  But I did use this guide from Microsoft:

So now this site is using Azure CDN to deliver contents.  Not sure I will be of a great use for this site – but nice to learn and test.


SSL Certificate – Sorted!

4 September, 2015


Site now uses a SSL Certificate.  Big thanks the the great guys/girls at Krystal Hosting.  @KrystalHosting


IP Expo 2015 – Manchester

18 May, 2015

Well, finally got round to planning my day and what sessions I’ll like to see tomorrow.

So, here is the list of sessions that I am hoping to attend –

read more …

EMC forum 2013 – London

19 October, 2013

All set to attend the EMC forum in London on Monday 21st October 2013.

Will be as usual seeing how much freebies, or as I call it, Vendor Swag that I can collect. 🙂

I  will try to live tweet and blog as I find cool swag.

As well as rhe the swag, there are some interesting keynotes. 

Any twitter followers attended and like to meet up.  Let us know via twitter.

New Web host

29 May, 2013

Many thanks to the the excellent support from my new web host, transfer of this site was very smooth and pain free.

Many thanks guys at Krystal

Vendor Swag Page

1 May, 2013

Vendor Swag

In preparation for attending my first IT Event of 2013 – a new section/page has been created ready to post examples of Vendor Swag.

Use the dedicated page or for a limited time period the home page will show all posts from this category.

The first IT Event is 2nd May 2013  – VMWare Forum at Wembley Stadium, London.


1 January, 2013

Well, better late, that never!

Bit of news from Dec 2012 – I took and passed my EMC Proven Professional – VNX Specialist  Exam. Or to give it full reference:

(E20-547) VNX Solutions Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators

Tips of anyone also thinking of taking the exam – make sure you read the prerequisites to the course.  Not needed for the course if you have been working on a EMC SAN.  But I did get questions from these as well as the course.

Prerequisites for Course for the above Certification/Exam

* PowerPath Foundations – Self Study
* VNX Foundations
* VNX Block Storage Provisioning Using Unisphere Wizard
* VNX Application Protection Suite Foundations
* VNX Local Protection Suite Foundations
* VNX File Provisioning using Installation Wizard
* VNX Remote Protection Suite Foundations

Another tip that helped me revise for the exam – use the provided EMC practice exam – on the EMC Education site.  At the end of the test – aim to get a score 85%+.  Take not of the review summary – will list all questions that you got wrong with a reference to the module in the course.  I found there was 2-3 areas that I was weak in and spent more time here revising.

I hope this maybe of use to others.

Happy New Year for 2013

30 December, 2012

Wishing everyone a happy new year for 2013.

In the new year I will be starting my new project here on this site. Will be a bit of fun, not a serious piece of work. But could develop into something more usefull later on.

WordPress and Twitter fun

23 October, 2012

Well, thought that was going to be a simple process!  Using the WordPress Jetpack – worked once then got connection errors!

Googled this error – hmm, seams a number of people are having this problem.

After trying a workaround that did not work – decided to install a Twitter plugin – that was easy. Setup done.

Then been having fun playing with the plugin’s CSS settings to customise the layout – looking good now. 🙂


Theres no place like !

21 October, 2012

Well. I’ve finally done it. My new blog site. Better get started on some contents.